New adventure in the Caribbean
Grand Cayman | #caribbean #dream #flightattendant #paradise | October 1, 2014

Today is a great day for me. I’m starting a new job! I always dreamt of flying around the Caribbean and meeting people from all over the world. I guess that’s why I always dreamt of being a flight attendant, and today my dream comes true as part of the BlueSky Airlines team.


As if that wasn’t enough, my new job brought me to a place in the Caribbean i have always fantasized about, the tropical Cayman Islands, a place that I’ve only seen in the movies and on travel magazines. It all happened very fast, I was just finishing the welcome lunch, that the airline planned for all the new starters, when they told me that my first flight and training was to paradise island.


When I got there, the first morning, I woke up early and went for a stroll with the goal of seeing as many sites as possible. After walking for a while along the beach, I found myself in the middle of a beautiful Caribbean turquoise color sea, from where you could see the Kittiwake, an old US rescue ship, that the Cayman Government bought, transported and sunk in front of the coast; to promote coral reef formation and generate a new touristic attraction to local diving.


The inhabitants say that the plan is to sink another 4 ships around the Island, it sound great, but I’m not sure of it’s ecological impact. Hopefully the local authorities will do all the necessary studies and will do what’s best for the islands.


So, the Cayman Islands is an exotic destination when it comes to nature and biodiversity, and somehow peaceful, compared with other places in the Caribbean.


I also learned during my visit, that the beautiful beaches in the island are the main stage for more than 500 Caribbean weddings per year. Every day, there are more and more couples that dream of sealing their love bows barefooted on white sanded beaches, while they cuddle watching a romantic sunset.


Another good tip, if you tend to forget your personal belongings every time you go to the beach, you are one of my kind, and you will love this destination, because in Grand Cayman -the largest island- they are registered an average of 10 robberies per year. In fact, you can count on leaving your sandals at the beach, and finding them the next day in the exact same place, not that I recommend doing this, but it happened to me.


As time passed by, I realized that it was nearly noon and I was going to be late to my first day of training. The session was amazing, I loved it. I met really cool people, tried on my new uniform and also had the time to talk about my expectations. After the training, we visited the hangars and the plane that I will be work in on.


Today it’s been the kind of day filled with great expectations, and luckily all of them were fulfilled.


Once I got back to the hotel, I decided that I just had to share my wonderful experience in the Caribbean with the world. That’s when I decided to create a blog, where I could share with other people my adventures in this amazing job.


Soon enough you will know more about them.



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