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Panama City | #albrook #dutyfree #mall #multicentro #price #shopping | September 1, 2014

If there is something that really catches my eye, are mega technological cities near the sea with beautiful beaches. I see it as a sort of a struggle between modernity with its crushing technology and metallurgy, and peaceful nature with waves breaking furiously on the rocks and the warm breeze. Yes, I know its common, but I can’t help myself seeing it any other way. In fact, for me, life is an eternal struggle between two or more energies or concepts: good and evil, public and secret, right and wrong, etc.


Anyway, you are not here to read about my philosophical thoughts. You are here to learn about my latest visit to Panama City, a town with an impressive infrastructure, that many others cities would envy. It is well known among travelers, that here you can find big discounts on technology gadgets, so I decided to check it out myself and visit the main shopping malls in a quest to find a new gadget for my collection.


I started my shopping adventure, be visiting the Albrook Mall, one of Panama’s largest malls with at least 1 km of stores. If it’s your first time there, make sure you notice that each zone of the mall y represented by an animal, this way you will move around easily, when you’re trying to go back to a specific shop you fancied. On a positive note, one of the metro lines start here, so transportation both from and towards the mall is very practical and cost saving.


Then, I visited the Multicentro Mall, which they say is the largest mall in the country. If you’re big fans of the Hard Rock Cafe franchise and of its merchandise in every city you visit, stopping here is a must! Here, you will find both the hotel and the restaurant. Apart from this, if you don’t have a lot of spare time, I would suggest to omit this mall because it takes a lot of time to do a full visit. In terms of technological gadgets and clothing, I felt that the offer was very limited and prices high.
I didn’t have a chance to visit more places, but the few panamanians I know insisted that the mall with the best prices was the Albrook mall, my first visit.


On my way back, I had the chance to check the prices of the Airport’s Duty Free and I was shocked, when I found that many of the products were cheaper here that in the mall. I learned my lesson and I want all of you to bare it in mind on your next visit: Before leaving the airport visit the Duty Free area and take note of the prices, so you can compare and choose the best offer.


I have to confess that i was grateful that i didn’t buy my Samsung Galaxy Tab S (10,5”) when i first saw it in Albrook’s, because I found it later $30 dollars cheaper in the Duty Free. So please bare this in mind!


In a couple of weeks I have a programmed stop in Panamá, so I promise to write about Multiplaza Pacific and Avenida Central, which is an outside street mall 6 blocks long.


Lets wait and see how it goes.



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