2.600 meters closer to the stars
Bogota | #mountain #photography #up | September 1, 2014

Hello. Last night I arrived to Bogotá after spending a few days in Bahamas. For all of you that really know me, are aware that I’m not a very big fan of the cold weather, and well, Bogotá was the place to take out my coat and leather gloves.


I’ve been here a couple of times before, and I got very familiar with the night live, which is fabulous by the way, but this time I decided that the best way to get to know the heart of the city, was going to its origin, and by this, I mean the city’s historic centre. That is why I arrived at 8:00 am on a Sunday morning to “el barrio” La candelaria.


Big mistake! If you want to do this plan, my first advice is that you don’t get there very early, because the only companions that you’re going to find, are the ghosts of the city’s legends and a few local neighbors. So I took a taxi, that in less than 5 minutes drove me all the way to Monserrate, a religious sanctuary located in the west of Bogotá, on the top of the mountain. From here, I have to say, that you have one of the best panoramic sights, if not s the best, of the city. Here, you can also enjoy a typical meal and get different type of souvenirs.


If you’re in good shape, you can climb all the way up, – “2.600 meters closer to the stars”, as the city’s promotional campaign say- but be careful not to loose your breath. For the rest of us, who are less athletic, we can take the cable car or the airtram. Well then, since I tend to be in the clouds most of the time, not only because of my line of work, but also because I tend to forget things, I chose the more down to earth option, that is, the cable car.


The transportation options during week days aren’t cheap, – about 9 dollars per person- however, on Sundays, they offer preferential fares to go up and down, with a cost around 4 dollars per person.


Once I arrived to the top, I couldn’t avoid taking lots of pictures of the city, from up there everything looks so peaceful and you also feel, as if finally, you weren’t on a race against time. If you are into souvenirs, here you will find some of the religious type, many others of the different aboriginal cultures from the center of Colombia, Antioquia and the coffee triangle region. Remember that you can always “regatear” or bargain the initial price in these markets. If you start filling nippy up there, you can’t leave without drinking a “canelazo”, a mixture of aguapanela (water with cane syrup infusion), cinnamon and aguardiente (fire water, anis based alcoholic drink). This warm beverage is the best remedy to regulate your body temperature.


What to wear? Avoid heals, I recommend comfortable boots, coat and scarf to protect you from the cold. For the descent, I preferred to go down walking, and I was very pleased , the paths were clean and secure.


I really enjoyed the overall experience in the heights, because I do love panoramics, they make me feel like an outside spectator of society; and you, tell me? What other high places would you recommend me to visit? XOXO.

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